the entire
Table of Frequency Allocations
at your fingertips
A l l o c a t i o n s
... the entire Table of Frequency Allocations at your fingertips ...

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Allocations is useful for anyone interested in radio emissions, including satellite communications engineers, regulatory agency workers (FCC, NTIA, ITU, NSF), telecommunications consultants, telecommunications lawyers, amateur radio operators (hams), wireless telecommunications workers and others.

--> v1.0.8 is now current to the January 15, 2010 FCC update. <--

Allocations, the iPhone and iPod touch application, is your pocket guide to radio frequency spectrum allocations for all generations of the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Fully functional online or off, the entire Table of Frequency Allocations is available for query.

Allocations conveniently provides footnotes for each service in each band, and presents the full text of the footnotes (and only those footnotes) that are relevant.  No more flipping back and forth through hundreds of pages in allocations documents to get the information yo0u need!

Allocations presently contains allocation data for the United States (Federal and non-Federal) and all three International Telecommunication Union (ITU) regions (Regions 1, 2 and 3).  We are considering adding more allocation data to the App --- please email your request so that we may gauge which additional data are most desired.

Allocations is a collaboration between and  For more information about radio frequency allocations specifically, please visit for a helpful introduction.  For additional information about Allocations and other useful iPhone/iPod Touch Apps, please visit

--> v1.0.8 is now current to the January 15, 2010 FCC update. <--

The electronic database that powers Allocations is developed and maintained by  The source data are derived from the latest FCC allocation table document, which is presently the January 25, 2010 version.  The FCC publishes an updated table every few months and Allocations will be updated accordingly.

Disclaimer: Please note that the official Table of Frequency Allocations for the United States is that version published in the Federal Register. The information in this App is not intended to replace the official version of the allocation table and should not be considered legal advice. When necessary, consult the primary source material.

The ‘Settings’ gear icon was created by Joseph Wain / and used here under the Creative Commons 3 attribution license.