calculate basic rectangular waveguide characteristics
Waveguide, the iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) application, is a versatile engineering calculator for computing in-band mixing products resulting from the conversion of one range of radio frequencies (RF) to another range of radio frequencies through a non-linear RF mixer in a communications system.

Waveguide is useful for anyone dealing with systems with electronic RF mixers, including satellite communications engineers, regulatory agency workers (FCC, NTIA, ITU), telecommunications consultants, telecommunications lawyers, amateur radio operators (hams), wireless telecommunications workers and others.

Using Waveguide is a simple two step process:
Enter the lower input, upper input and translation frequencies.
Calculate and view the in-band mixer product results in either tabular form or graphical form.

The calculation parameters for output bandwidth expansion, RF and LO mixer order and the conversion direction can be modified. In addition, the calculation results can be saved to the app or sent via email..

Waveguide does not show the expected signal level of the in-band mixer products, as this is difficult to determine with accuracy because the characteristics of mixing systems vary widely. The user is expected to assess whether or not a particular mixer product is significant enough to require mitigation.

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Screenshots of Waveguide